TRX Exercises

Do you have the habit of muscle building with dumbbells, elastic bands or kettlebells? Here is the TRX, a suspension training technique to build you even more effectively. Invented by a former Navy Seal, the TRX is based on exercises that primarily target body weight. It uses 2 resources very easy to get: the gravity and the weight of the body. In other words, apart from the TRX straps, you will hardly need other hardware. All you have to do is to hang your straps on a stable support and you can begin to practice. The objective of these exercises is to position yourself in the phase of resistance and destabilization. When our body is in such a situation, it tries to adjust the balance and solicits, even more, the abdomen and the muscles of the back. Exercises are more difficult than a simple abdominal board, but if you’ve already gained strength, the TRX could help you progress even more.

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